The GatorCents Coupon

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The GATORCENTS coupon code was created for everyone looking to start their very first website. Although it can also be used for anyone wanting to move from another web hosting company over to Hostgator. Using the code GATORCENTS during your new hosting plan checkout will get your first month of web hosting for just 1 Cent! Yes that’s right… just 1 Penny.

The reason we have done this is so you can really test out Hostgator for yourself for an entire month before ever spending any real amount of money at all. 1 cent basically gives you your first month of web hosting for free so you can use Hostgator however you wish and really test them out first before making a full commitment.

So if that’s exactly what you’re looking for, simply use GATORCENTS during your new Hostgator signup and try them out for just $0.01 for your first full month.

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